Thursday, 21 February 2013

Welcome to OpenDoorsPK Blogging Area

I though several times to either follow or drop the idea of writing blogs. But ultimately I am here. The readers enthusiasm and response rate have always given me new spirit to delve into uncharted waters. In my busy schedules, I have to prioritize things. I would like to do the same for this blog as well. I would not waste my and your time in positing good-for-nothing material. Perhaps it would be more fruitful if you suggest topics of interest that can touch upon issues in my areas of expertise and at the same time are of interest to readers. Wish you happy reading.s

Attaullah Shah


  1. Nice to see a new dimension of your website. I hope it will also serve the students.

    Waqas Shinwari

  2. Another great initiative sir.i hope it will also serve the students to great extent as all your previous initiatives...we all students are really thankful to you sir.

  3. Inam Ullah Shinwari26 February 2013 at 00:13

    Sir Atta Ullah Shah has been the source of inspiration. The readers get what they want. Hats off to one of the most devoted and committed teachers I have ever seen during my entire career.

  4. Thanks for you comments. Do suggest improvements and topics for future blogs.

  5. Dear sir,
    I really appreciate this initiative, which will help out students in research.
    The topics i would like to be under discussion include:
    Qualitative research:Grounded theory
    How to spot the gap in a specific area(Specially finance)
    - Risk management
    -Behavioral finance
    -Financial engineering
    Software that help us in research:
    -End note (Literature review )
    -N-View (Qualitative research)
    Shahzad Hussain

  6. Being dean of Finance at IMS your devotions are immortal. . . Sir do include measure of volatility which will help students in their research studies as well as in their course work i.e. FRM. wish u blessing life .

  7. Hello Dear Sir,

    The data on this web site is no doubt like a treasure for researchers, all the time we get help from this, this is your greatest share in the field of research.

    sir u r truly a magician of finance and research.

    May Allah give u health, happiness, and more respect and more knowledge so that we may also steal some knowledge from u.

    Liaqat Ali
    Qurtaba Uni

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  9. After spending three years in PhD since enrollment in Oct 2010, today I found this site and now I am confident that nobody can delay my PhD Inshallah except my own laziness. Though I will have to meet Dr. Shah in person for some of things to discuss. Thank you so much Dr. Shah for being so helpful the students and the community.

    Kind Regards,
    M. Imran
    PhD Scholar, COMSATS, ISB